City of Albuquerque Project Plans

Sector Plans & Other Planning Projects

The Albuquerque/Bernalillo County Comprehensive Plan and the Planned Growth Strategy (PGS) provide the policy framework for the physical development of our community.

Lower-ranking plans for sub-areas of the city and county provide more detailed policy direction to help implement the Comprehensive Plan and PGS.

The Planning Department, assisted by on-call planning consultants, has initiated development of several new sub-area plans and amendments/updates to existing plans and policies.

Planning Goals

The overall goals for these planning efforts are:

  • Implement Centers & Corridors policies
  • Enhance the livability of communities
  • Attain stakeholder agreement through the planning process
  • Develop regulatory and capital project plans

Note that the dates shown for each project are ideal goals. Target dates for EPC and City Council hearings are subject to a number of factors and may change accordingly.

The following draft plans and projects are ongoing and have yet to be adopted by the City Council. For adopted sector plans and publications, please go to the Planning Department’s Publications/Documents site.

Status Reports

The Planning Department also uses this site for periodic status reports on the following projects:

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