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In urban centers throughout the world, the availability of convenient and affordable housing, commercial, arts and public spaces are critical to the viability and sustainability of the community. Unfortunately, the very efforts that make downtowns more attractive ultimately make them less affordable to all but the affluent. In many cases revitalization causes the displacement of long-term residents, traditional communities, businesses and places for the arts.

Understanding that the involvement of these communities as well as that of the adjacent neighborhoods is essential to sustaining the vitality of downtown, the Civic Trust aims to ensure that downtown investment and revitalization is consistent with and sensitive to the history, culture and fabric of the neighborhoods that make up and surround downtown. The Downtown Albuquerque Civic Trust is dedicated to insuring that while the Downtown revitalizes, it remains a community desirable and available to all. Numerous community leaders have been working and planning for several years in this effort, supported by the Ford Foundation, the McCune Charitable Foundation, the Enterprise Foundation, HDIC and other leading community development, business and finance experts.


  • V.B. Price: Downtown Reinvents Itself and Offers Hope for a Vital Future
    By V.B. Price
    Tribune Columnist
    January 7, 2006
    In a world chaotic with natutal disasters and murderour human follies, a much needed boost in optimism is coming Albuquerque’s way, from the years of effort it has taken to revive the city’s historic Downtown core.
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